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A donk bet is a poker bet (often small, half pot or less) that goes against the flow of the action. They are most often used by recreational poker players and they do not indicate a very strong hand. You should typically call or raise a donk bet. What Do Donk Bets Mean? What a donk bet really means though depends on the player type. Donk Bet | Poker Terms | PokerNews

In this video James talks about reacting to donk bets. A lot of players get confused when facing a donk bet on the Flop/Turn and don't know how to react. In thi Facing A River Donk (Hand Analysis) | SplitSuit Poker Many players get confused when facing "odd" actions, such as donk bets. So I wanted to analyze a spot where I faced a river donk bet and had to make a decision. A donk bet is a bet made into the previous street aggressor. Bluffing recreational players at the poker table – Unibet Poker

A donk-bet in poker is when you take the initiative by betting out of position (OOP) against the aggressor of the prior betting-round. Back then, when nobody knew better, every player that donk-betted was labelled as a Donk, which was an insult, used to degrade the capabilities of the opposing player.

How to Deal With Annoying Donk Bets « PokerTips Blog Mar 30, 2015 ... Have you ever been at a table where it seems like a horrible player is all over you the entire session? Facing donk bet after donk bet can get ... Does Anyone Have a Flop Donk Betting Strategy? : poker - Reddit Ok so I've noticed that playing live 1/2 there is a ridiculous trend of donk betting the flop. One night I got donk led into about 10... "To donk or not to donk"? That is the question. | PokerSnowie Blog Mar 18, 2014 ... In today's PokerSnowie Video Quiz, Sharp explores the concept of donk betting. Try to answer the following quiz question and then find out the ...

What is Donk? Donk → 1. Donk is a bet made by an OOP player against an opponent who took the last aggressive action on the previous street. Example usage → “The texture favoured the cold-caller’s range, so he lead with a flop donk-bet”

A donk bet made by a strong player may also be attributed to a stop-and-go strategy. Donk bet on the turn. A standard donk bet is usually a turn bet against the flop-raiser out of position. You might consider donk betting on the turn as part of a betting sequence in two cases:

Донк бет в покере или как умно делать дурацкие ставки

Донк бет в покере: как ее использовать? Донк бет в покере. В покерном мире очень много терминов и сленговых обозначений, некоторые носят профессиональный характер.Но неужели донк не несет в себе никакой пользы, и его невозможно обернуть в положительное русло? Изначально так и считалось. Донк бет - ставка вне позиции на агрессора | Основы … Донк бет в современных тенденциях покера является достаточно сильной линией розыгрыша как в блеф, так и на велью.Игрок хороший с инициативой будет часто рейзом отвечать на donk в покере, и мы не сможем определить правильно силу руки его. Poker Dictionary: Donk bet

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Poker Strategy: To Donk or Not to Donk - Ignition Casino Blog Poker Strategy: To Donk or Not to Donk. December 5, 2017 submitted by Ignition Casino. Of all the possible plays you can make in poker, the “donk bet” has to be the most controversial. Players have long been told to check the flop when they’re out of position to the pre-flop aggressor. why can't i exploit people who always check when out of ... This is mainly why Doug, as most pros, advise against a donk bet strategy. Donk betting is not bad or good. You can always mix in a donk bet in your strategy but it is not advisable. The reason why it is not advisable is if you don't balance your donk/checks you will be exploitable, i.e. when you check you will be too weak. Strategy with Stas | Lesson #13: Top Pair vs. a Small Donk ... Donk bet means that the opponent who was passive pre-flop and whose range is probably capped, takes the initiative on the flop and leads with a bet, instead of checking to the original pre-flop raiser. A small donk-bet is usually a losing move made by amateur poker players for one of two reasons: How Donk Betting Can Up Your Winrate -

How to Deal With Donk Bets - The Proven Winning Strategy A poker pro's take on how to approach donk bets in poker. Learn the right way and the wrong way to deal with donk bets.