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Top 5 WR Player Ratings in Madden NFL 17 - EA SPORTS The NFL is now a passing league and for good reason. The skill set of these top athletes allows teams to put points in bunches. Here are the leagues top-rated wide receivers in Madden NFL 17. The premiere receiver in the NFL can do it all. With 98 route running you can anticipate him to be open on ... The NFL's 5 best slot receivers | NFL Analysis | Pro ... Snead’s 56 receptions out of the slot tied for seventh among slot receivers, but his 707 yards ranked fourth. He averaged a fourth-best 1.89 yards per route run, as well, and his catch rate of ...

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You'll almost always get at least a couple of players who can upgrade your team, and you can always use additional players to work toward completing sets. 3. Most people think you should focus your coins on upgrading your QB or running back, but the best Madden Mobile players know games are won... Madden Mobile Madden Mobile 19 Playlist - CAPTURE HD GAMEPLAY in 60 FPS! - ☟Download QJB's App!☟ ...Turning BACK TIME and Reviewing the OG Madden Mobile 16 GAME. What made it so INCREDIBLE? Madden MobileSlot – MM Odell Beckham Jr. Season… We take another close look at Madden Mobile's, Mobile Master Odell Beckham Jr. , but this time inThe best receiver to throw to, since they lack coverage from the defense and can double up asTournament was left out because it’s a 16 hour refresh until I can play it again. I will update with a...

About Madden Mobile Tips Madden Mobile Tips Madden Mobile Tips is a collection of tips and opinions for those that love the game and want to play better, build a better team, and make more coins.

Madden Mobile 16 VS. Madden Mobile 15 - YouTube Madden Mobile 16 Madden Pack Opening. Game Madden NFL Mobile; 2014; Explore in YouTube Gaming; ... My Best Pulls of the Year! - Madden Mobile 16 - Duration: 8:53. Madden Mobile Elite 295,363 views. Madden Mobile Tips Madden Mobile 16 tips you won't find elsewhere. ... The LB displayed on the left hand side of the screen will cover the slot receiver and should have good Zone, Speed ... Madden 16 Ultimate Team: Building The Perfect Roster

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Odell Beckham Jr. - Madden 16 - 99 OVR R.O.T.Y. - Muthead Check out the full ratings for 99 OVR R.O.T.Y. Odell Beckham Jr. in Madden Ultimate Team 16 Andre Reed - Madden 15 - 98 OVR Easter - Muthead Check out the full ratings for 98 OVR Easter Andre Reed in Madden Ultimate Team 15 Discussion: Why You Play Madden Mobile?

Buy Madden 19. Download Madden Mobile.The NFL’s leading receiver has top marks with 99 Catching and 99 Route Running.It’s no surprise that the Madden NFL 16 cover athlete has 99 Spectacular Catch.He also shines with 92 SPD/92 ACC/87 ELUS, as well as 87 JMP/91 RTE.

It’s time to check out the ratings for the best wideouts in Madden NFL Mobile as we begin the new season. Throughout the year, the Base Set is the foundation for the Items found in Packs. With programs like Team of the Week, seasonal events, and other special releases, updated versions of players ... Community Poll- Who is the best slot receiver as of right now ... No ones laughing at that, Vernon is one of the best cards in the game and almost busted on a theme team. However he’s too valuable at TE imo. 99 speed/accel all 99 catching 91 strength 90+ all route running on my team and high agility. Top WR Player Ratings in Madden NFL 16 - EA SPORTS The NFL’s leading receiver has top marks with 99 Catching and 99 Route Running. His raw skills include 90 SPD/96 ELUS/91 ACC. Other outstanding ratings are 95 JKM, 93 SPC, 98 CIT. Fight for the ball with Bryant’s three 98s for Catching, Jumping, and Spectacular Catch. He’ll get there with 89 ... Best Slot Receiver? : MaddenMobileForums - reddit

How to Get Coins in Madden 18 Mobile | Madden 18 Mobile Madden 18 Mobile also brings along Madden 18's Longshot story mode. This version isn't anywhere near as robust as its console counterpart, but it will provide you with coins for leading Devin Wade through various on-the-field scenarios. Completing most challenges will get you in the neighborhood... Madden NFL Mobile — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2