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Kaoru SUDO, Takuichi HIRANO, Jiro HIROKAWA, and Makoto ANDO, "A Radial Line Slot Antenna Fed by a Rectangular Waveguide through a Crossed Slot," IEICE Trans. Communication, Vol.E86-B, No.10, pp. 3063-3070, October 2003. Radial Line Slot Antennas | SpringerLink A radial line slot antenna (RLSA) is a circularly polarized high efficiency planar array. Two types of RLSAs, a single-layered and a double-layered one, were released commercially for 12 GHz band direct broadcast satellite (DBS) reception.

A Millimeter-Wave Cavity-Backed Suspended Substrate Stripline ... Recently a radial line slot antenna array has been demonstrated to have high gain and effi- ciency at 60 GHz (ref. 4). In this paper, the design, fabrication and characterization of a V-Band (50-75 GHzJ, cavity BANDWIDTH ENHANCED AND SIDELOBES LEVEL REDUCED RADIAL LINE ... bandwidth and reduce the sidelobes level in linearly polarized Radial Line Slot Array Antenna at 28 GHz for 5G mobile communication system. In the design, high frequency laminate RT duroid 5880 and air gap were utilized with a modified dielectric coated 50 Ω SSMA connector as the coaxial to waveguide transition. The technique was experimented via Optimization of Radial Line Slot Array Antenna Feeder Design ...

The antenna is a radial line slot antenna (RLSA), with the slots placed on the upper plate in concentric rings. The radiating element is a slot pair, designed for getting left hand circular polarization. The antenna has been designed to work in the range of 13.4 GHz and 14 GHz.

The quest to optimize performance of the radial line slots array (RLSA) antenna continued to unfold. Attempt is made at studying slots width variation in radial line slot array antenna (RLSA) and its effect on the 3dB half power beam width (3dB HPBW) in this submission. It is aimed at formulating a polynomial equation that best describes the ... The development of radial line slot array antenna for ... An offset design of a parabolic dish antenna, which then eliminates the blockage, is susceptible to physical damage as its feed is significantly exposed from the body of the reflector. Furthermore, alignment procedures are quite involved in antenna development. A more beneficial design is the linearly polarized radial line slot array (RLSA ... SYNTHESIS OF CIRCULARLY POLARISED MULTIPROBE FEED RADIAL ...

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Radial Line Slot Antenna Design for Monopulse Space Debris The required gain is 40 dBi for this design, and the antenna is designed to maximize the gain at the central frequency. Both patterns are obtained with different excitations of the radial line slot antenna (RLSA). Basically, if the slots are placed in concentric rings, when the RLSA is excited in the centre, a conical or difference beam is RADIAL LINE SLOT ANTENNAS FED BY A - 東京農工大学 RADIAL LINE SLOT ANTENNAS FED BY A RECTANGULAR WAVEGUIDE THROUGH A CROSSED SLOT Kaoru SUDO∗, Takuichi HIRANO, Jiro HIROKAWA, and Makoto ANDO Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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The Radial Line Slot Antenna (RLSA) is a planar antenna having attributes such as high efficiency of about 70% and higher gain of about 33dBi compared withFor better impedance match to the waveguide the effect of the various feed parameters is analyzed and their design sensitivity is studied. Radial Line Slot Array Antenna Feeder Design Using… In this work, the Brainstorm Optimization (BSO) method for the feeder architecture design is utilized to meet this need at 28GHz. The BSO is used as tool for the optimization of the beam squinted antenna feeder parameters in terms of air gaps, radial cavity dimensions and dielectric thickness needed for... MODERN ANTENNA | 2 Radiation Structures and Numerical… Modern antenna design. Second Edition.Antennas radiate spherical waves that propagate in the radial direction for a coordinate system centered on the antenna.The input impedance is measured with respect to some transmission line or source characteristic impedance. Designs and Experiments of a Novel Radial Line Slot

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A Radial Line Slot Antenna for An Elliptical Beam! ABSTRACT: Antenna ia backbone of communication system with the advent of technology a lot of innovation happens to develop the antenna.

Radial Line Slot Antenna Simulation - YouTube 32GHz RLSA antenna is adaptive Cartesian FDTD simulated for Radiation Pattern. Radial Line Slot Antennas | SpringerLink Radial line Slot antenna Circular polarization Linear polarization Direct broadcast satellite PlasmaAkiyama A et al (2000) High gain radial line slot antennas for millimetre wave applications.Cheng WY et al (2013) Designs and experiments of a novel radial line slot antenna for high-power... Radial line slot antenna The Radial Line Slot Antenna (RLSA) is a planar antenna having attributes such as high eciency of about 70% and higher gain of about 33 dBi [1] compared with antennas in similar usage. It can be designed for circular [2, 3] or linear polarization [4]. An interest in using this antenna is growing...