Coplanar waveguide fed slot antenna

IET Digital Library: Coplanar waveguide fed wideband slot antenna A new design for a coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed slot antenna is presented. The impedance matching and the radiation characteristics of this structure were studied using the method of moment technique. Design Coplanar Waveguide-fed Circular Patch Antenna with ...

ABSTRACT. A serrated square slot antenna for wideband operations is proposed in this paper. Coplanar waveguide feeding is used in this design with a ... A CONDUCTOR BACKED, COPLANAR WAVEGUIDE FED, LINEAR ... 5.2: Bowtie slot antenna integrated with 25 cascaded shunt varactors……….. 32 .... The bowtie antenna fed by coplanar waveguide loaded with varactor forms a. A Design of an Ultra-Wideband Coplanar Waveguide Antenna - IJERT ... waveguide feed broadband antenna [14]-[17], coplanar waveguide feed ..... waveguide-fed rectangular slot antenna,” IEEE Antenna Wirel. Propag. Lett, 2004 ... Broadband Cpw Fed Slotted Ground Antenna - IOSR journals Abstract: In this paper, a broadband rectangular microstrip patch antenna fed by coplanar waveguide feed with two slots in the ground plane is proposed.

Circularly Polarized Slotted Aperture Antenna with Coplanar Waveguide . . . . 271 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology February 2016, Vol. 11(2) Fig. 5. Return loss variations in length of slot L1=16 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm.

A dual-frequency coplanar waveguide-fed slot antenna A novel dual-frequency coplanar waveguide-fed printed slotantenna has been proposed and experimentally studied. Theproposed antenna consists of two coupled slot antennas, onerectangular slot loop antenna and one rectangular slot an-tenna. (PDF) Design and Measurement of Self-Matched... -… 1. CPW-fed dual-frequency slot antenna (W = 0:3 mm, S = 1:7 mm, as for the outer loop using only two slot arms.CONCLUSION A new dual band coplanar waveguide fed double folded slot antenna has been proposed which does not require external matching circuit.

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A Design of an Ultra-Wideband Coplanar Waveguide Antenna - IJERT


US6724346B2 - Device for receiving/transmitting electromagnetic Furthermore, each means for receiving/transmitting waves with longitudinal radiation of the printed antenna type consists of a printed slot antenna of the Vivaldi antenna or Yagi antenna type, the antennas hereinabove being arranged at …

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Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 15, 89{101, 2010 BROADBAND COPLANAR WAVEGUIDE-FED WIDE-SLOT ANTENNA A. Dastranj and M. Biguesh School of Electrical and ... Design Of Ultra Wideband Coplanar Waveguide Fed ...

Indian Antenna Week | Organizing Committee | Pune | India Continuous Beam scanning in Substrate Integrated Waveguide Leaky Wave Antenna with Novel Jerusalem slots EUMA Total size of the proposed array antenna (with 2 2 elements) is 90 90 mm and distance between elements (fed by fed) is ?/2 (? = wavelength in free space). Microstrip antenna design Research Papers - View Microstrip antenna design Research Papers on for free. Microsoft Word - str_0694-0699.doc